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Thanks for the information.  I see you and Jim hiked the Absaroka Beartooths 
in August.  Do you know if there is much snow in mid to late June?


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>There are a lot of places on the CDT that you could go - but have you
>thought about the Absaroka Beartooths (northeast of Yellowstone NP)?  It
>seems to me that that would be ideal for a short trip like you're planning
>because there are so many loops possible in that huge wilderness.  We did a
>trip several years ago where we did three short loop hikes - one in the
>east, one in the south and one in the northwest.  The southern section has
>lots of lakes, some interesting off trail possibilities and beautiful
>country.  There are many trails that can be put together to form loop 
>The area is at about 10,000' - gorgeous granite, lakes and meadows.  Falcon
>Press puts out a good guidebook and we used additional maps, but generally
>navigation wasn't too much of a problem.  The journal from that trip is on
>our website if you're interested in some ideas.
>On the CDT you might consider the Wind River Range in Wyoming, the
>Anaconda-Pintlars in Montana, or the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness in northern
>Colorado.  All are beautiful Rockies wilderness areas that allow for many
>possible loops.
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> >Subject: [cdt-l] Trails
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> >I hope I am not out of line asking this, but I thought I'd ask the 
> >I am planning a hiking trip with my two daughters (17 & 15) this summer 
> >I am looking for a 3-4 day loop somewhere in Colorado, Wyoming or 
> >We did a 3 day last June in Glacier National Park.  I'd appreciate any
> >suggestions?
> >
> >Thanks for your time.
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