[cdt-l] Hiking the Highline Route????

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
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We were able to hike the highline in 2001 SB starting around June 15th, but
it was a record low snow year - quite a bit lower than this year or last.
Parts of the trail were completely covered in snow, but it was pretty easy
to follow. We got lucky as some of the steep bits were just melted-out
enough that there was a 6-inch wide bit of trail to walk on. we only needed
an ice axe for the Ahern Drift bit. I think on a normal snow year, there
would be a lot more steep/icy bits. We did need to carry bear canisters
because of the "winter status" of one of the campsites. But, the park
provided these, and we returned them when we got to Two Medicine (they
didn't really hold all our food anyway). 


They warned us of certain doom before we set off, but issued permits anyway
(with big "NOT RECOMMENDED" notes everywhere) That will really depend on who
is issuing the permits, and how accustomed to CDT hikers they are these




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I know that each year is different...

any general rule of thumb as to when it would be doable to hike the highline
route to start a SOBO CDT hike?  I hiked the Belly River route (chief
mountain) last year with a bunch of 2006 thur-hikers and I've been watching
postholer.com and comparing the snow levels at this time last year and now
and it seems as if there is less snow but I don't know how that really
translates to the Highline trail...any insight would be appreciated.




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