[cdt-l] Pepper Spray?

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I've been to Montana twice, carried pepper both times.  At Two Medicine we
came in on the back side of the lake where the launch arrives.  It was
morning.  The three of us dropped our packs stretched, walked out unto the
dock.  As soon as we were out on the end of the dock a mother grizzly and
two cubs came out of the woods about 100 from the dock, walked into the
water and then began making their way along the shore line towards the dock
and the lean to where our packs and pepper were.  All three of us had our
pepper attacked to the pack belt and when we dropped our packs, we dropped
the pepper, too.  We did not feel comfortable rushing down the dock and
running to get our packs.  Fortunately, the ferry arrived just when things
were getting interesting.  The ferryman saw our situation and began calling
on the loudspeaker and blowing his horn.  The bears then made a hasty
retreat into the woods.  We didn't realize we were that close to a mother
and cubs when he came into the landing.  Surprise!!

I kept the pepper closer to me after that.  From what I have been able to
tell, most bear attacks happen suddenly, no time to avoid the situation.  I
like having the pepper with me- just for that one moment.

I also hiked down the trail practicing my draw so I could unholster, and pop
the safety in a second or two.  I didn't want to wait until the moment when
it was needed and find out if takes two hands to unholster, or how to work
the safety clip, or anything else. when it came time to fire- I wanted it to
be automatic and smooth as glass- no time to read instructions then!   By
the time I was through the Bob M and hiking into Lincoln, I was pretty fast
on the draw.

That's MHO.

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> Question for CDT veterans: if you were to hike the CDT again, would you
> carry pepper spray?
> If so, what size (2oz, 4oz, 7oz, 9oz)?
> Steady Sr.
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