[cdt-l] Pepper Spray?

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You can buy a practice can at about 1/2 the price- give you a good feel of the product, anyway.

I carried Counter Assault, too.
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  I've carried CounterAssault for years in Grizzly country. Never run into one yet (knocks on wood). 

  Just a suggestion: buy two, one complete with a holster and the other without . 
  Take one out and practice with it. Face to face with a bear is not the time to be trying to figure out how it works.

  Learn how to draw it and how to remove AND securely replace the safety again. When you're comfortable with that, test-fire it several times in the approved manner so you know what the coverage and range are like. Short bursts are best. Continue testing until the cylinder is empty, then  dispose of it.

  Carry the 2nd cylinder with you on your trek.

  Wandering Bob


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