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Jeff Braun jbraun at vizsolutions.com
Thu Mar 29 09:17:40 CDT 2007

I know a few people that spend a fair amount of time hiking, hunting, 
and skiing near the divide southeast of Anaconda off the Mill Creek 
highway. They have reported seeing grizzlies and were adamant they 
were in the area, but I was always very skeptical until one was 
killed there in 2005. See:


It is extremely unlikely you will run into one in the AP and very few 
people carry pepper spray there. I have only carried pepper spray in 
Glacier, the Bob, and Yellowstone.


At 11:49 PM 3/28/2007, you wrote:
>I carried the same counter assault pepper spray as Disco, but instead of
>carrying it all the way through to Lander, I started with it and carried it
>to Lincoln, MT. From there I shipped it ground mail to Yellowstone. The area
>between Lincoln and Yellowstone may or may not have Grizzlys, but while I
>saw daily evidence of the griz through most of Glacier and the Bob, I never
>saw and signs of them the rest of the way. I felt pretty comfortable sans
>bear spray in that stretch. People around Anaconda swore there were grizzlys
>in the Anaconda-Pintlers, but most of them were convience store workers who
>admitted to never going hiking.
>I think its a good idea to have it in norhtern Montana though... if nothing
>else, just to look cool and feel good about yourself for shedding pack
>weight when you finally do get rid of it.
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