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I can't comment on organic markets along the CDT as I don't really shop at them so I didn't look.  I do think you're best bet for any type of co-op/organic market would be in the larger or more trendy towns like: Helena, Lander, Steamboat, Silverthrorne/Dillon/Frisco/etc, Salida, Pagosa Springs, and Silver City.  All of those towns are pretty happening and you'll most likely find an alternative grocery store there.  A lot of CDT towns are small or run down, not the type of place where people care to spend extra money on high end groceries.I think on the CDT you can plan on walking fast in nearly all of NM (if there is no snow), slow in all of CO except for the Cochetopa Hills - which will be fast, super fast in the Great Divide Basin (it's hard to take 2 hour lunch breaks with 30mph winds and no wind breaks or stop to gasp at the view at the top of a peak when there are no peaks), slower through the Winds, fast through Yellowstone, and slower (yet faster than CO) for nearly all of MT/ID.  That's just my recollection...I was able to walk 25 mile days in MT/ID, and WY.  30 mile days in the Great Divide Basin.  20 mile days in CO with 25 mile days in the Cochetopa Hills, and 25 mlie days in NM - even with the fading day light.  And I insist on a 2 hour lunch break...YMWV... or course ;-)-d-low> Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 10:20:24 -0700> From: baxtman at gmail.com> To: cdt-l at backcountry.net> Subject: [cdt-l] resupply planning> > hi all.> > i'm planning on heading north the beginning of may, so i'm in the midst > of all the planning details right now. a few questions for the veterans:> > * do you remember any towns along the way that had exceptionally good > food shopping? i'm referring especially to non-safeway options, like a > large food co-op or other alternative food stores with good prices? > ashland was great on the pct and i was able to do almost all my shopping > for oregon and washington there in a day. any suggestions??> > * any major sections where i should plan on higher/lower miles than > average? again, i'm kind of referencing the pct where the conventional > wisdom seemed to be: plan on going slower from kennedy meadows to sonora > pass, plan on going faster through oregon. i don't remember seeing > anything similar about the cdt... perhaps because each section has it's > own variety of challenges so that it all evens out? or not??> > thanks in advance...> > bethany> (gloves, pct05)> _______________________________________________> cdt-l mailing list> cdt-l at backcountry.net> http://mailman.hack.net/mailman/listinfo/cdt-l
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