[cdt-l] Northern New Mexico notes

Jim Wolf mail at cdtsociety.org
Wed May 2 16:06:14 CDT 2007

Mike Madden recently hiked from Grants to Ghost Ranch and provided some 
interesting information.

The important water source in the Arroyo de los Cerros Colorados (Piedra 
Lumbre 3:2.8) was dry. (Mike did lift the handle as stated in the 
guidebook and still was unable to produce any flow. Incidentally, the 
metal stock tank nearby is reportedly dismantled and removed temporarily 
when no cattle are in the vicinity.)  Until more information becomes 
available, NOBO hikers would be well advised to carry enough to carry 
them through from Ojo Frio to Jones Canyon Spring. (The alternate route 
shown on maps 12 and 13 passes a reliable well just north of Cabezon -- 
but it is still a long way from there to Jones Canyon Spring and the 
roadwalk misses some lovely mesa country.)

In the Santa Fe National Forest, there has been no progress north of 
Section 2:3.3 (FR 103). From a trailhead (marked with a CDT wooden post) 
100 yards west of the junction of FR 170 with FR 77 (Santa Fe 1: 19.7), 
Mike started out on new trail, but lost it in deadfall and fireburn. He 
angled northwest over to FR 468 (on an old jeep road shortcut), then 
turned right on FR 468 and found the start of the new trail that 
descends to Ojito Canyon. That trail is well marked until you come to a 
well-used jeep road at a corral. At that point (unsigned), you need to 
take a right and follow the road, paralleling FR 468 above. This 
eventually comes to the intersection of this road with the old Ojito 
Canyon trail. (There is a CDT post at this junction.) Turn left and 
follow the trail down into the canyon.  NOBO hikers are invited to 
provide additional notes (and coordinates) on this stretch. (SOBO hikers 
may have better luck in following the official route, at the crossing of 
FR 468,)

Also, if there has been any progress in the Carson National Forest -- 
especially the Lagunitas Reroute (Carson 1:24.3-17.7) -- specific 
details would be appreciated.

Jim Wolf

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