[cdt-l] Leave a Trace on the CDT

Francis Tapon ftapon at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 10:29:41 CDT 2007

I encourage everyone who is hiking the CDT to leave a trace... in a beneficial way:

* When you come to a part of the trail that someone who is not as alert as you might be confused as to where to go, build a small cairn (stack of rocks). Of course, only do this is you're 100% sure you're heading the right way! I've created at least 100 cairns in New Mexico at junctions or areas that could be considered unclear (especially by folks coming from the opposite direction).

* When you're going through an area that has overgrowth, don't just selfishly plow through, kill plants along the way. That means using your hands to snap branches that protrude on the trail and using your feet to stomp on any budding plants that are growing on or at the edge of the trail.

If we all do this, the CDT will be more easy and pleasant to follow for everyone.

UPDATE: The San Juans have been getting some late season snow that is even getting the locals talking. I ran into some snowmobilers north of Cumbres Pass and they thought I was nuts. Not the first ones. I'm leaving Pagosa Springs now to see if I can find a patch in the San Juans that isn't covered in snow!

Happy trails,
Francis Tapon

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