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My 2 cents... 

I agree that volunteering for trail maintenance will if nothing else, give
you an appreciation for how much work it takes to build/maintain trails...
If you happen to live in the Pacific NW, www.wta.org is a great organization
to get involved with... there are also many others... PCTA and various AT
organizations do a lot of stuff too. 

Anyway as for building cairns, these can be useful, but you better be sure
of where you're going first. Sometimes, they can be a little ambiguous too,
since it's not always clear what the cairn is "pointing to", or which trail
they're for. I've taken my share of wrong turns due to following some cairn
that wasn't intended for where I was headed.

I don't think breaking/bending branches is a very good option (unless this
is done as part of regular brushing/trail maintenance)... Seeing a bunch of
broken/dead branches hanging from bushes and trees along the trail wouldn't
make my hike more enjoyable, I'd just get all pissed at whoever was doing
it. It's really more a matter of aesthetics than any lasting damage the
plants (which generally grow back) - it's just a very messy/destructive way
of marking things. It's a lot better to just take a good map / guidebook and
know how to use them. If you were able to find your way, you have to assume
others can do it too... 

Regardless, the CDT gets a lot more distinct north of NM... So none of this
should be an issue further north.


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Another way to leave a a trace:


Maybe it is a dose of too much Catholic guilt growing up, but I think it is
important for those who love the trails to give back once in a while.

June 2nd is National Trails day. If you can't get out to the CDT, there are
probably local trail orgs (or even city parks) that would love a hand. 

OK...that's my PSA for the day.


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