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We took the "Bombadil Route" out of town from the motel near Walmart taking a right at the Chevy Dealer, past a few junk yards and left past the women's prison to Lobo Canyon Rd.  At mile marker 10 right on a dirt road to Little Turkey Spring which was flowing nicely.  Bushwhacked up the escarpment to FS road 193.  Following 193 to the junction of 193 and 501, left for a few paces and up the drainage to Gooseberry Spring.  Rather than crossing over to the drainage described in the Wolf guide (missed the turn earlier)  we hiked up the side of Taylor until we hit trail.  Goseberry Spring was a trickle but lower on there was plenty of water. As of a few days ago there was a little snow on the north side of Talyor (2-4 feet) to about 10,000 feet in shaded areas.
American Canyon had lots of water.
As mentioned in a earlier message by Jim Wolf, the source between Ojo Frio and Jones Canyon (about 28 miles) is kaput and it doesn't look like it's going to be fixed anytime soon.  The forest ranger in Cuba spoke of "citizen stashes" for this area in the future as the trail becomes finalized.  I carried 7 liters.  The cairned/posted route is awesome from Ojo de los Indios to 5 miles before Cuba and the only others we saw off pavement (out of Grants, Terreon Freeway, into Cuba) were thru-hikers Humble, Modest, Steady Sr and another (?) as they passed us.
Steady Sr said my jacket and belongings were still at the western trailhead of the Zuni-Acoma trail with a note left by Humble and Modest to bring it to the El Malpais visitor center lost and found.  I've been trying to find their number but can't and the local BLM office here in Cuba is closed for good.  If someone could relay the message and my snailmail c/o of Namie that would be great.
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