[cdt-l] The art of sending fee's.

michael sandoval mojombo69 at hotmail.com
Tue May 15 13:21:02 CDT 2007

   I recently talked to Beverly Heckman at Benchmark and the fee is now $20. 
  If you cannot send a check, money order, or cashiers check I would 
recommend giving her a call and ask if it would be okay if you just brought 
cash.  She seems super cool and I believe she might be okay with this. Her 
number is 406-562-3336.
   As for Big Sandy Lodge, they are still having an answering service take 
their calls, so I have yet to talk with them.
   June 15th is drawing near... but it cannot come quick enough.  So psyched 
to get back out on a trail for 5 months.
   Looking forward to running into as many thru-hikers as possible. See you 

>From: "ToeK" <toek at xs4all.nl>
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>To: <cdt-l at backcountry.net>
>Subject: [cdt-l] The art of sending fee's.
>Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 18:42:39 +0200
>According to Yogi's (CDT handbook 2006) there is an fee of 25$ for the
>holding of an resupply package at "Benchmark Ranch" (send by USPS) and "Big
>Sandy Lodge" (send by Federal Express).
>question: How can I do this ..?.. just put 25$ banknotes in an envelope and
>throw it on the mail? (In the Netherlands it isn't allowed to send money by
>Thanks ToeK
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