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Francis Tapon ftapon at yahoo.com
Tue May 15 14:42:21 CDT 2007

  >Perhaps I did... So, I guess what you're talking about is more akin to
brushing/maintaining an overgrown trail - just a little bit anyway, so
people can see which way to go? I'm not sure that you'd make a lot of real
progress doing serious brushing without tools, and while still trying to do
miles. But, I guess it couldn't hurt to try. 
  Since I don't carry trekking poles my hands are free to snap away and I still go at 3mph. Stomping stuff out doesn't slow you down either.
  >I don't remember seeing a whole
lot of overgrown, or potentially overgrown trail on the CDT in NM (except
along the lower Gila, where it's pretty hopeless!), but I guess conditions
do change, and there are some new sections now.

I haven't seen overgrown sections either on the CDT. Either I'm completely bushwacking (trailblazing), traveling over snow (and not sure if I'm on the trail exactly), or it's a wide forest service road. 

Btw, this reminds me of this idea I had along the PCT of just putting a few
axes along the trail with a note attached to them, explaining to take a
moment & cut through a blow-down, then carry the ax to the next blowdown and
leave it there for the next passer-through. It wasn't really a practical
idea, but fun to think about.

I thought of the same thing, except I wanted to hand out clippers to trim stuff. You would leave the clippers at the next trailhead. Would be fun!

I thought you were just talking more about breaking some branches/plants as
a substitute for making cairns over cross-country sections. I'm not sure
that'd be helpful.

I agree.

btw, if you're already at Lake City, you must be cruising! Maybe your yo-yo
odds are looking better?

"Cruising" is a generous term. "Struggling" is more accurate. I started April 6. So doing 1,000 miles in 1.5 months is hardly cruising. Perhaps once the snow all melts I start to cruise....
  Until then, back to the struggle!
  I have seen one day hiker since I started! I have yet to see anyone else (assuming you don't count all the drivers on the roadwalks).
  Happy trails,

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