[cdt-l] The art of sending fee's.

Ginny & Jim Owen spiritbear2k at hotmail.com
Tue May 15 19:57:08 CDT 2007

In both cases we sent a check about a month ahead of our arrival with a note 
saying that we would be sending a package shortly.  Then we sent the 
package.  The notes and checks were prewritten and in the bounce box, ready 
to be sent when the time was right.  Remember that it can take at least two 
weeks for your package to arrive at its destination.  In both cases their 
mailing address is not the same as their resort location.  They have to 
bring back the maildrops when they have time/room.  Even sending Priority 
doesn't really help that much.  IOW, don't send the Big Sandy box from 
Rawlins (if northbound) - it won't be there.  Send it from Steamboat or 

If you are southbound, I would send the Benchmark box and check before you 
leave home and the Big Sandy box/check from West Glacier or before.



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>Subject: [cdt-l] The art of sending fee's.
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>According to Yogi's (CDT handbook 2006) there is an fee of 25$ for the
>holding of an resupply package at "Benchmark Ranch" (send by USPS) and "Big
>Sandy Lodge" (send by Federal Express).
>question: How can I do this ..?.. just put 25$ banknotes in an envelope and
>throw it on the mail? (In the Netherlands it isn't allowed to send money by
>Thanks ToeK
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