[cdt-l] The art of sending fee's.

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Usually you pay the fee when you pick up the package, not beforehand... so,
you can either carry some cash with you, or put some in the package itself,
so when you get it, you open it and pay the fee. I'm not sure if it's
technically illegal to mail cash in the US (i.e. inside the package), but
many people do it. If the package is lost/stolen (which is rare), you'll
have other problems than the missing fee!


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   I recently talked to Beverly Heckman at Benchmark and the fee is now $20.

  If you cannot send a check, money order, or cashiers check I would 
recommend giving her a call and ask if it would be okay if you just brought 
cash.  She seems super cool and I believe she might be okay with this. Her 
number is 406-562-3336.
   As for Big Sandy Lodge, they are still having an answering service take 
their calls, so I have yet to talk with them.
   June 15th is drawing near... but it cannot come quick enough.  So psyched

to get back out on a trail for 5 months.
   Looking forward to running into as many thru-hikers as possible. See you 

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>According to Yogi's (CDT handbook 2006) there is an fee of 25$ for the
>holding of an resupply package at "Benchmark Ranch" (send by USPS) and "Big
>Sandy Lodge" (send by Federal Express).
>question: How can I do this ..?.. just put 25$ banknotes in an envelope and
>throw it on the mail? (In the Netherlands it isn't allowed to send money by
>Thanks ToeK
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