[cdt-l] Stoves, shoes and layers

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Wed May 16 00:14:48 CDT 2007

Last year we used an alcohol stove - we never had a problem getting fuel 
along the way.  We shop as we go, minimizing mail drops as much as possible. 
  Alcohol worked well for that.

Shoes - I wore running shoes part of the way, light/midweight boots in the 
snow in Colorado and again in northern Montana.  Jim can't wear running 
shoes for any distance hiking - they kill his feet.  He does well with 
midweight Lowas.

Last year was a fairly warm year, except for the last month.  We wore Precip 
rainjackets, with mixed results.  We both used a Patagonia micropuff jacket 
for our warm layer.  It worked great for most of the trip.  I carried long 
underwear all the way and was glad I did.  Jim didn't until September and 
had a few very cold nights.  In September we added a layer - a Driclime 
windshirt.  In the snows in mid-September, I was glad to have the warmth to 
hike in. The micropuff wasn't warm enough alone in camp after mid-September 
- I needed the extra layer.  We also added rainpants in mid-September and 
needed them for that snowy stretch.  After that they were mostly dead 
weight, but we carried them anyway because of the uncertainty of October 



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>We are planning on hiking the CDT in 2008 and are planning ahead. We are 
>interested in through hiker input on stoves.  Esbit tablets are also of 
>interest, which can be mailed by ground. We are also interested in light 
>weight shoes and Go-lite makes a new lightweight non leather shoe which 
>dries quickly. Leather takes longer to dry. Debate is over Gortex verse 
>none waterproof and ease drying shoe.
>Last any input on what layers of clothes people found successful would be 
>appreciated.  Light down jacket which is lighter than fleece, etc.  We are 
>planning on poly-pro base layer, second loft or air layer such as Patagonia 
>R Series.
>Thank you one and all for your input.
>Doug and Peggy.

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