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Hey Tom,
Yes we got it, thanks so much.  We'll be back to visit for sure.
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Sly, hope you found the food cache okay.
Cow 54 can stay lost!

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> It took hiking up the Gila River in river shoes, for me to figure  
> out that
> my ankles would be OK in tennis shoes, and I'm loving the switch  
> from light
> hiking boots.  But with the San Juans looming in June, I was  
> looking for
> advice on whether I would be better off staying in my trail running  
> shoes,
> or switching to hiking boots for this snowy, rocky section.  Thanks!
> Trey
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> Subject: [cdt-l] Cuba to Ghost Ranch
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>   Hey...
>  I forgot to mention in my last post that I bought the last 2  
> bottles of Heet in Cuba, one from each of the two auto parts  
> stores. Both have ordered more, 6 ea. None of the 3 gas/convenience  
> stores I visited sold it. However, Richard's hardware store had  
> cans of denatured alcohol in 16 or 32 ounces.
>  On the way out of town we visited Circle A Ranch and I was surely  
> tempted to call it a day there. What a beautiful spot, so peaceful.  
> We spoke a couple hours with Walter and they're looking foward to  
> having CDT hikers stay or visit. Normally it's $20 per but they  
> also have work for stay if so inclined. It's the type of place  
> where you wouldn't mind helping out and getting your hands dirty.  
> From the hostel we took the road through the property as shown on J  
> Ley map number whatever (Cuba) and bushwhacked the final .5 mile to  
> FR 95 above the hairpin turn shortly before San Pedro Peaks. I  
> think Walter said you saved about a mile and it's a much more  
> pleasant walk.
>  San Pedro Peaks... Lots of snow/postholing/water/icy knee deep  
> fords. Although the FS ranger in Cuba assured us the CDT would be  
> easy to follow through the park, on a foggy day, we managed to lose  
> trail. I opted to bushwhack nearly 3 miles over snow through forest  
> to the high point at mile 15.9 in the Wolf guidebook. I think my  
> feet are still frozen. From the high point it was easy enough out  
> of the park to the trailhead (dry) where we camped after grabbing  
> snow melt on the way down. A half mile north of the trailhead there  
> was a strong spring 10 feet off trail and a creek not long after.  
> Apparently these are seasonal, but should still be flowing for  
> northbound thru-hikers.
>  The new trail after SPP's to NM 96 was real nice until we got  
> misdirect by alternate flagging towards the end of the section. We  
> ended up close to and walked the highway, presumably past the  
> roadside trailhead, on the way to FS 170, when we spotted a lone  
> CDT pole off the side of the road. That pole led nowhere we could  
> find and once again bushwhacked to FS 170 through the sage brush.  
> Another new section of trail off FR 77 was fine until it petered  
> out as we took FR 453 the rest of the way to the Ojitos Trail and  
> the Chama River Canyon Wilderness. Although the Ojitos Trail cutoff  
> (cairn N36 16.255 W106 40.385) is listed in the Wolf Guide "at  
> about 16.3" I found it closer to mile 15.3 (page 35 Northern NM,  
> 2nd paragraph) and is correctly deplicted on the J Ley map. It  
> appeared, by post and flagging, new trail was in place above FS 453  
> opposite the cairn. There was water at both the Los Ojitos (the  
> pipe needs to be snaked) and the spring fed tank at 8.7 which is  
> now clearly vi
>  sable.
>  Along with the Circle A Ranch, I highly recommend spending some  
> time here at Ghost Ranch. Nice.
>  By the way, Rainman and Vicki have a website. She's keeping a  
> journal and both are posting pictures and youtube videos which can  
> be found at http://rainmanvermont.tripod.com
>  Sly
>  PS For the older or TVLand generation... as I was humping up the  
> side of Mt Taylor I noticed a cow tag, you know, the numbered ones  
> they staple to the cows ear, laying on the ground. Cow 54 where are  
> you?
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