[cdt-l] Anybody lose an iPod?

Garret Christensen garretchristensen at yahoo.com
Fri May 25 12:37:20 CDT 2007

Hey.  Just rolled into Chama.  Done with NM for a while. It was rain/snow/sleeting for a solid day out of Ghost Ranch, and in general NM had a lot more rain/hail/snow/afternoon thundershowers than I expected.  Maybe that's normal, it just doesn't seem to have the famous rep for it that CO does. Made for some cool views when I didn't think I was going to get struck by lightning.

I don't have much stuff to report on the trail that others haven't already noticed, except to agree that El Bruno's in Cuba is in fact awesome Mexican food, and the alternate route described by the Circle A owner in Yogi's book is alright.  It doesn't follow the old road/trail that my GPS had exactly, but if you just stay outside the fence you'll eventually get up close to the main road and will have cut out a bunch of muddy road walking (although the trail isn't much less muddy).

Anyway, did anyone lose an iPod on trail, or is it my lucky day?  (Although I totally would've preferred it if there were some Zep on it.)

the Onion

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