[cdt-l] Three Quick Colorado Points

Francis Tapon ftapon at yahoo.com
Mon May 28 21:52:36 CDT 2007

Map CO14: The high trail is tricky, but I took it to avoid the snow. It's not so bad if you like being exposed to lightning bolts and wind. Sweet!

North of Tincup Pass: Jonathan Ley asked how it was, and it's pretty straightforward, somewhat like CO14. It's got lots volcanic rock lying around, making for uneven steps, but it's not that tough. Someone built a three foot rock wall on top of one of those mts. The ascent/descent at Tincup Pass to get up to the Divide is steep, but you don't need to use your hands. The nearby lake (north of Tincup Pass) was frozen over when I was there and snow covered most of the place around it (that's why I stayed high), but it should be clear when most go through.

Rabbit Ears: The snow in Northern Colorado is melting fast, in case you're a section hiker and itching to hit the trail. Seems like they got less snow than Southern CO. There's still a few feet left to go around Rabbit Ears, but it's consolidating. Should be clear in a couple of weeks.
Happy Trails,

Francis Tapon 

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