[cdt-l] Prohibited items on Amtrak

chris G chgeth at yahoo.de
Tue May 29 17:13:30 CDT 2007

Reading Nocona's trailjournal I have just got an
unpleasant surprise. As she writes in her journal and
according to what I could confirm on Amtrak's website
there are prohibited items for carry-on and checked
luggage on Amtrak. This includes ice axes and
flammables (I guess this includes gas cannisters).

Coming from Germany where there are no such
regulations I didn't even think of that these items
are prohibited. Here I often take the train instead of
flying because there are no such restrictions on

My question now is: Is this just some regulation or
are there really luggage checks at the train station?
If there are really checks I am in trouble. I just
arrive  shortly before from Europe, have to pick up
ice axe and cannister from REI and hop on the train to
East Glacier. I just don't have the time to send these
items ahead per mail.

Any ideas or suggestions? What are you doing? Not
riding Amtrak?

Greetings from Germany where the trains still roam
free ;-)


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