[cdt-l] Water in Wyoming; Yogi's CDT Guide; Butterflies

Karen Somers kborski at yahoo.com
Wed May 30 12:29:47 CDT 2007

I just called the Wyoming BLM office after seeing
Spirit Eagle's page on water sources through the Great
Basin.  Jim and Ginny, I know you are traveling and
may not see this post, but I am curious if you
know.....WHEN does the BLM update the Wyoming Great
Basin water information that you have copied onto that
page on your web site?  Does anyone know?

I can't get the BLM guy to answer his phone; I've rung
him three times.  The BLM site seems to have updated
information that differs from Jim and Ginny's page,
but it is not actually dated.  Also, I'm wondering, is
this information for the official CDT route only or
for the entire region?  It's hard to tell from just
waypoints without plugging them into a map.  

One way or another, I will get across the Red Desert,
but it would be nice to know more about water there.

Yogi's CDT guide has been wonderful...I didn't realize
it's true beauty until I was packing up all the boxes
and supplies this past weekend.  It's super organized,
easy to understand and geared for experienced hikers. 
Basically, she does the up front organization of
information for you; you still have to do the leg
work, but you have someone who has put a lot of work
and thought into the trail, to back you up with
organizing all of your resupplies and strategies.  For
those of us whose lives would not allow a full year of
CDT planning, this guide is invaluable.  This is not a
plug; just some feedback to the CDT community.

Most of my prep work is now done.  I just need to take
some refresher courses online on map and compass
navigation, load some music on my MP3 player for
Wyoming and New Mexico and ship out boxes to Benchmark
and East Glacier.  I'm starting to get the old
pre-hike butterflies now!  Less than two weeks!!!

Thanks to everyone on this list for patiently
answering questions from all of us struggling to
research this crazy, wonderful trail.

Good hiking,

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