[Cdt-l] hey

Matthew Robison wolverine1970 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 12:04:41 CDT 2007

Hello, everyone.  I'm here too!

This is wolverine (Matt Robison).   I've just started planning for a
thru-hike of the CDT next year.  I'm designing my hike around the best times
to hike Glacier and the San Juans, but I haven't yet decided the order of my
leap frog/flip-flop ( e.g., hike north-bound from southern NM to
Chama-->jump to Rawlins, WY then hike northbound to Glacier-->jump to Chama
and hike north to Rawlins).  I dunno...In any event, I'll see how this
winter pans out--lots of snow or below average.

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