[Cdt-l] Silver City Resupply

Liz Mares azlazorra1 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 1 13:24:42 CDT 2007

I guess everyone needs to resubscribe to the list since it went down.  That makes four of us now.  ;-)
  When I hiked the CDT last year, my friend sent a resupply box for me to Silver City, NM in April.  The post office searched and searched and couldn't find it.  Well, would you believe that she just got that box returned to her!  It's only 18 months late!  Unbelievable!!!!   I had heard others had problems with the Silver City post office but I bet this is a record!
  I hope to be section hiking on the CDT next year with friends who are planning on hiking the southern half.  I did go back in Aug. and hike the lower San Juan's to see what I missed when we bailed due to high snow last year.  It was very awesome!
  I also did about 350 miles on the PCT this year.  What a diffference in trails!!!  No navigational challenges, no serious elevation changes, practically a walk in the park!  I even climbed Mt. Whitney twice in two days!  (Don't ask, it's a long story!)  Ha-Ha.
  Anyhow, I'm excited that I'll be back on the CDT section hiking next year, it's my favorite trail!  Who else might we meet on the CDT next April in NM?
  ~~La Zorra~~

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