[Cdt-l] Cdt-l Digest, Vol 2, Issue 1

Bob Bankhead wandering_bob at comcast.net
Thu Nov 1 16:15:30 CDT 2007


1) The new server required everyone to re-register. Only those who have done so can post and apparently few have (for the CDT Forum). I suspect that many folks didn't see the advance warning notice because they were on the trail, and may still not know. All of the Backcountry.net List forums have this same problem. The word will get around via the other hiknig forums.

2) The hiking season is essentially finished and folks move on to other things. Posting volume always drops off at this point, only to rise again in late winter/early spring as we prepare for the next hike.

3) An unlikely possibility - it's a vast conspiracy; they're out to get you. Everybody on the List got together and decided that your account should be blocked from receiving 99% of the posts.  :D


Wandering Bob
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