[Cdt-l] Yogi's CDT Handbook re: distance between resupply points

Linda Jeffers gottago at lindajeffers.com
Fri Nov 2 10:23:11 CDT 2007



I only JUST noticed your Distance Between Resupply Points pages - you know
the small Yogi's CDT Town Guide pages (161 - 163) in the back of your CDT
Handbook. Unbelievable. You are genius AND so helpful. I've spent an entire
day trying to re-create the wheel! Thank you, thank you. Visuals always help
me grasp the entire picture of something.


I love your mind. Had I had a mother like you teaching me the way you think,
I would have saved myself years and years of wasted time and tons of
frustration trying to make sense of things.







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