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During my hike on the PCT 06' I cam across a box of them from a local in Etna. She shipped them to Ashland where I sent myself a couple in each resupply box. They don't taste that bad. The cooking was cool and fun. They are very heavy and produce an enormous amount of trash. They are loaded full of calories but these included some stuff that was just to weird looking to eat or I did not want (like hot chocolate). I also learned that there are two different kinds, civilian and military (so I have heard). I had the military which (supposedly) has more calories. If the price and weight are right for you I might be a great idea. I am an ultra-lighter they are not. I had them more for the experience. I was sure glad when
 it was M.R.E night, they felt like a pound maybe a couple. Instant weight loss is great!

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Has anyone used the military Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)?  I'm ditching my stove, spork, and titanium cooking pot and I'm exploring the most effective (i.e,. lots of calories) and efficient (i.e., inexpensive) things to eat (I'm not picky).  I found a website where six packages(..of..er...food?--:-) of 600 calories (for a total of 3600 calories--not bad) cost less than $4 each.   Unfortunately, I didn't bookmark this website so I'm searching...

Any thoughts?  reactions? experiences? 

Many thanks, 


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