[Cdt-l] A quick and dirty CDT doc...

Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 7 08:58:17 CST 2007

For anyone curious....

I just finished posting my Continental Divide Trail (CDT) planning guide .  

It is meant to be a quick and dirty handout similar to my PCT handout.
Not exhaustive by any means, but should give an interested CDT hiker a good overview and summarize the information 
needed for planning a journey on the CDT. 

Sly, who most of you know, asked if I'd write up one for his CDT
forum at Whiteblaze. WB is reminding me a bit of an online version of
ALDHA -East: AT focused, but with a growing amount of people who have
done trails other than the AT and making non-AT resources available.

Anyway, check it out at:

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