[Cdt-l] Grand Enchantment Trail video clips now online

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 12 23:13:02 CST 2007

Video Galleries now available...

We're pleased to introduce a new feature on the Grand Enchantment Trail website: Video Galleries. 

(and click on the thumbnails marked "Video" to view the galleries)

Over 90 minutes worth of streaming media is available for viewing, with 70+ individual video clips highlighting the GET hiking experience in all its remarkable diversity. Video (with sound, many clips with narration) recorded during blisterfree's fall 2007 hike across New Mexico and Arizona, using a Canon Powershot A520 digital still camera. 

Of course, watching the video isn't the same as being there - far from it - but it's certainly the most accurate representation of this trail's scenery, ambience, and character now available to those who may be considering a long hike... or a long winter inside four walls!

Happy viewing,

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