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Bob BobandShell97 at verizon.net
Tue Nov 13 21:16:45 CST 2007

Some of you have been aware of Sue Lockwood and her brother, Gordon Smith,
as they helped many hikers through van support on the AT, CDT, and
especially the PCT over recent years.  Sue passed away today at the nursing
home in Columbia, MO, where she had been staying for more than a year.  Sue,
despite being legally blind, diabetic for over 4 decades, and with a kidney
transplant from her brother, continued to hike on the major trails until a
leg amputation redirected her, with Gordon's help, to spend their summers
helping hikers along the trails.  For some of you, the white van from
Missouri, bedecked with Michigan stickers, was a familiar and welcome sight
at trail crossings. This was a joyous activity for them, as they loved
meeting hikers and giving rides as needed.  Gordon, who dedicated his life
to caring for Sue, very recently underwent surgery removing 4 compressed
cervical discs and is, for now, staying at the same nursing home.  If you
have been one of those hikers whose life was touched briefly by Sue and
Gordon, now might be a good time to drop Gordon a card.  The address is:
Gordon Smith, c/o West Village Manor, 1201 Hunt Ave., Columbia, MO 65202.
Thanks,  Dr Bob

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