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Cicely - 
At this point, I don't have a clue - we used a Garmin Etrex Legend with the original software - maybe someone else knows what the original datum source for that unit is ? 
We sent the GPS home from Silver City and then gave it away after we finished the trail.  We only carried it that far in order to provide the water source waypoints that are on the website.  GPS is no more necessary on the CDT than on the other long trails - but .................. for those who feel otherwise, have at it.   I won't even tell you what bun-bun has to say about it. <G> 
Walk softly,

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Jim and Ginny have coordinates for water and/or other New Mexico Trail spots.  Jonathan has coordinates on each page of his maps.  What is the datum source?  Presume NAD27 CONUS and not WGS84 or other.  I know the end results is "only" a couple hundred meters, want to be as precise as possible.  CicelyB

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