[Cdt-l] A bit of CDT navel grazing.. ;)

Sam Haraldson samh at samh.net
Fri Nov 16 12:26:30 CST 2007

> Once a bum. Always a bum.

Thank God someone out there is putting this into perspective for me.
As I approach the thirty-two year mark I am asked if I own a house,
have a wife and children and questioned about my career and
retirement.  Although all of the above are in my thoughts and some I
have baselines planned there is still the ever-present urge to move.
I've been in the same town (a beautiful one) and at the same job (a
healthy one) for two years.  Granted I took the a large chunk of the
summer off to go walking but now being back at work and paying rent I
can't help but think ahead to 2009 when I know the itch will have
probably overcome me to go walking for an even greater distance and
even greater length of time.

Mags, thanks for the recommended Steinbeck reading as well.  I respect
him as an author and am excited to get into his head in terms of his
opinion on dirtbags/bums/societal derelicts.

- Sam

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