[Cdt-l] Maps, Towns Comments

Garret Christensen garretchristensen at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 25 13:18:26 CST 2007

I tried sending these to list before, but maybe my problem was doing it as attachments.  I assumed they'd get "scrubbed" and turned into a link, but I guess the messages just got blocked.  So instead, here are two direct links to the files on my website.  Both are to Word docs I wrote.  The first is 17 pages of comments on Jonathan's 2007 maps.  I've already sent them to Jonathan directly, but in case anyone is _really_ bored and wants to take a look, here you go:


The next is a few pages of notes on towns.  It's meant as an update to Yogi's guide and is totally useless if you don't have that.  I think she's planning on updating her guide for '08, so you certainly don't need to read my stuff, but if you're super bored, I guess you could.


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