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Yes, I will be at the Gathering.  I have been to many of them since I
did the AT in 1991.   I look forward to attending your workshop on the
CDT.  I do not plan on taking any of the shortcuts, in particular the
Creede cutoff.  I have been in the Weimunchee Wilderness and the San
Juans and they are spectacular.   I have much to learn before I start.
I have seen some videos on the CDT and it looks like I am in for a tough
but great journey

In Christ



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David - 
Jim Owen here - we first met in 1992 at Trail Days in Damascus.  I was
Bald Eagle back then. Since then I've supported your hikes because I
know how you love the trails.  While your way isn't my way - there's no
reason why it should be.  As I've been saying for more than a few years
- "Hike your own hike."   You do - and I respect that.  
If you'll be at the Gathering,  Ginny and I will be doing the CDT
workshop (probably our last - at least until we hike the CDT again) on
Sat afternoon.  If we can help you, don't hesitate to let us know -
whether at the Gathering, on cdt-l or via email.  
We "may" also see you out there next year.  We won't be thruhiking, but
we seem to spend some time every year on or near the CDT.  We're
considering hiking from Butte south through Yellowstone and then out to
the Tetons via the Bechler.  Depends largely on the "state of the knees"
at the time - and whether we decide next year is our time to go back to
Alaska.   The time for that decision hasn't gotten here yet.  
The CDT - varies in length depending on which routes you take.  But none
of them are 3100 miles unless you REALLY work at it.  The routes that
most people take are 2400 to 2500 miles.  If you don't take the Anaconda
cutoff and the Creede cutoff, 2700 is a little closer to reality.  As
Rollie Muesser reported some years ago, it's a rare thruhiker who does't
overestimate their mileage.  
BTW - I highly recommend NOT taking the Creede cutoff - the Weminuche is
a wonderful section of trail.  I think you may have done some of the
Leadville races so you probably know how beautiful that country can be.

Walk softly,



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Subject: [cdt-l] CDT-2008

Hi to all of you on the cdt-l.   I am planning on doing the CDT in the
summer of 2008.  I am a ultra runner who lives in Lynchburg, VA.  I have
previously set the speed record on the Long Trail, AT, and PCT.   I plan
on starting the CDT around June 5-10, 2008 at the Mexican border.  I
know that Squeaky set the record of 75 days in 2005 unsupported.   I
plan on doing it supported somewhere around 65 days, plus or minus 5
days, depending on the length of the trail.


I know that you are thinking, how can you set a record on a trail that
is not complete or has various routes?  I plan on hiking the official
trail as much as possible and not taking any shortcuts.


How long is the trail if I do it this way??   I hear the CDTA saying it
is 3100 miles.   When Squeaky and Flyin Brian did it, they both reported
2700 miles.


I know I have a lot to learn and I look forward to learning from many of


I love the trails


In Christ

David Horton

The Runner

AT  1991

PCT 2005

CDT 2007



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