[cdt-l] David Horton's planned speed hike

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Fiddlehead wrote: 
>Anyway it's good (IMO) that you are doing this BUT, of course there will >always be some controversy over this "official" thing.>Many of us CDT hikers don't want the trail to be a continous marked >footpath and enjoy the CDT for what it is: a hike to test your skills in map >reading, bushwhacking, water finding, route creating, and sometimes: how far >can i go before i have to head to town, among some.
Good thoughts.  Thank you.  At one time I tried to express that thought and failed.  And got accused of elitism.  
>Through yellowstone: you have to go where they let you as there's often >grizzly closings
Actually, Yellowstone let us go where WE wanted to go last year - north on the east side of the Park.  The next hike will likely be through the Bechler - on the west side.    
>not official but compromises need to made on this trail almost daily.
Another good thought - me and thee should sit down and talk abut this trail someday.  OTOH - sounds like we'd be preaching to the choir.  
> I think it's a grand goal, but i do believe you will have to do a lot of > research and count on getting lost quite a bit. 
Interestingly - the only places we got "lost" last year were either in burn zones or where the trail was being rerouted - and following the "new" trail led us to places where the trail just stopped - and left us in the middle of nowhere.  That'll teach me to follow pink ribbons.  The Forest Service apparently doesn't know how to build trail, either.  Yeah - the trail has changed that much.  
You didn't mention Temple Pass vs the "official" roadwalk vs the Popo Agie.  I'd recommend 2 of the 3.  Do I need to specify which ones?   
Walk softly,
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