[cdt-l] some thoughts...

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Wed Oct 3 23:07:30 CDT 2007

Regarding the recent discussions on the state/future of the CDT... Much 
of the CDT goes over land that's used by all kinds of people for a 
variety of purposes. I think our history shows that if you don't fight 
for something, it'll be lost. If we didn't have strong advocates for an 
established CDT, bits and pieces of any hikable route would be closed 
off or overwhelmed by oil drillers in Wyoming, Ranchers in Montana, ATV 
riders in Colorado, and radical land commissioners in New Mexico... name 
a few. There are a lot of competing interests that would love to take a 
piece of the CDT. Recreational hikers are a small community, and 
generate relatively little revenue - and in today's world, money talks. 
I'm very appreciative of just about anything the CDTA or CDTS does - 
even if I don't 100% agree with every detail, it's at least keeping the 
idea of the CDT alive in the minds of those who make decisions about the 
future of the land through which it passes!


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