[Cdt-l] Another test

Michael Cravens cryptobranchidae at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 30 11:33:25 CDT 2007

Hey, I'm (Mike) here.  I'm planning a northbound thru hike this spring.  Any other potential 08 hikers out there?
cryptobranchidae at hotmail.com

From: Slyatpct at aol.comDate: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 11:19:32 -0400To: cdt-l at backcountry.netSubject: Re: [Cdt-l] Another test

In a message dated 10/30/2007 11:18:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Slyatpct at aol.com writes:
yup, just another test.  

Wow, I got the mail.  Not once but TWICE!
So, anyone else out there?

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