[cdt-l] CDT & Google Earth

Lawton Grinter lawtong at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 2 11:58:50 CDT 2007


I just came across the USFS CDNST Administrative Website and there´s a 
webpage in their that´s devoted to Google Earth overlays of the CDT and 
related trails and routes.  I was surprised to see that Jon Ley´s 2001 route 
was included in this page . . . it´s the 1st one I downloaded and added into 
Google Earth.

If you are new to Google Earth, check out the Google Earth website:


This application is free and quite powerful . . . you can overlay many 
trails onto Google Earth and check them out before you march off into the 
sunset on the real thing.

Best, Disco

lawton grinter
PO Box 941
Crested Butte, CO  81224

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