[cdt-l] Montana fires question

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Fri Sep 7 14:16:05 CDT 2007


You can check out the fire map here:
Click on the large .jpg map.
This won't tell you the various agency closures, but it will tell you 
what's burning, and what's burned recently. It also, doesn't have the 
CDT drawn out or a lot of other landmarks, but it's fairly detailed. It 
doesn't look like there's a lot of "actively burning in last 24 hours" 
areas (a little bit in the ahorn), but there's probably a lot smoldering 
and such.... and that's enough for them to keep things "closed".

You can also check here:
for more information & links about various fires. There's also a .kmz if 
you happen to have a fast internet connection & google earth... but I 
doubt that's the case in Darby!


David Aneyci wrote:
> Greetings from Darby...I am wondering if any of the trail sages know 
> of a resource that will tell me the *precise* location of the actively 
> burning fires that impact the trail in Montana, or if any 
> courageous/insane/stupid northbounders have actually been through any 
> of the closed segments and are willing to confess publicly.  As far as 
> I know I am the last of the litter, except for this one fellow that is 
> going through about the same time as me and is planning on hiking the 
> established route unless he meets a wall of flame or a phalanx of 
> armed rangers.  Any information that I could pass on to him would be 
> greatly appreciated and of course be kept strictly 
> confidential.  Walking on...
> the Humungus
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