[cdt-l] Montana fires question

Jeff Zobrist jmzobrist at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 7 17:08:54 CDT 2007

How long did you spend in Leadville?  Anyway,  I did a
walk around the rat creek fires by road walking from
Sula, up the bitteroot creek and up to Surprise lake. 
I talked to one other late southbounder who walked
through this trail closure without any problems, but
this was a while ago.  I am in Lincoln and plan to go
to Seely Lake and talk to the ranger station(which
apparently has an alternate route)  Take care
-Castaway                     --- David Aneyci
<davidaneyci at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Greetings from Darby...I am wondering if any of the
> trail sages know of a resource that will tell me the
> *precise* location of the actively burning fires
> that impact the trail in Montana, or if any
> courageous/insane/stupid northbounders have actually
> been through any of the closed segments and are
> willing to confess publicly.  As far as I know I am
> the last of the litter, except for this one fellow
> that is going through about the same time as me and
> is planning on hiking the established route unless
> he meets a wall of flame or a phalanx of armed
> rangers.  Any information that I could pass on to
> him would be greatly appreciated and of course be
> kept strictly confidential.  Walking on...
>   the Humungus
>   life is but a dream...  
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