[cdt-l] Some Area Openings in the Bob Marshall Complex, Montana

Kelsey McCartney kmccartney at fs.fed.us
Thu Sep 13 11:42:38 CDT 2007

This morning, Thursday, September 13, 2007, there have been some area
re-openings in areas through which portions of the CDNST through the Bob
Marshall Wilderness Complex.  See the map, with the CDNST route overlain,
at www.activefires.net/jic_mt/ under Closure Information.

Through travel on the Continental Divide Trail from Roger's Pass on Highway
200 to Marias Pass on Highway 200 is still not possible due to fire
activity.  However, the following segments can be accessed and traveled on
(from South to North):

Southern Segment:  From Roger's Pass on Highway 200 north through the
Helena NF, and through the Lewis and Clark National Forest to the CDNST's
junction with the Observation Pass Trail 246.  On this segment of the
CDNST, access routes are limited to the Crown Mountain, Smith Creek, Elk
Creek, and Dearborn Trailheads on the Lewis and Clark NF, but all the
trailheads on the Helena National Forest Scapegoat Wilderness section are

Chinese Wall:  Most of the Chinese Wall is still closed.  However, you can
access the northern segment between Moose Creek and Rock Creek, with access
points from either the South Fork Teton Trailhead (Headquarters Pass), or
Mortimer Trailhead (up the north side of Gibson Reservoir).

North Wall:  Closed.  Closure affects portion of the CDNST from (Lewis &
Clark NF) Rock Creek Trail 111 up Red Shale Trail 130, along the North Wall
Trail 174 (previously 175), down Open Fork Trail 116, and to Sun River Pass
along Trail 110.  On the Flathead National Forest, the trail continues in a
closed area until the junction with Trails 371 and 161.  From that junction
north to Muskrat Pass is open.

Badger-Two Medicine:  Portions are open, but the northern half of the area
is closed.  From Muskrat Pass, you can travel only as far north as Badger
Cabin (on Trails 147 and 103).  North of Badger Cabin is closed.  Access to
this segment would be from the Swift Reservoir Trailhead, or locations on
the Flathead National Forest.

Please contact the district in which you are wanting to travel for more

Spotted Bear Ranger District (Flathead NF) 406-758-5376
Lincoln Ranger District (Helena NF) 406-362-4265
Rocky Mountain Ranger District (Lewis & Clark National Forest) 406-466-5341
Bob Marshall Wilderness Area Joint Fire Information Center 1-866-831-7450

Kelsey McCartney
Lewis & Clark National Forest SO
Great Falls, MT
(406) 791-7776
kmccartney at fs.fed.us

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