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Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 15 00:07:21 CDT 2007

The following entry was recently submitted for posting at:
Submitted to the GET Message Board by: Brett Tucker (blisterfree)
Submitter's e-mail: blisterfree (at) yahoo.com
Phone: 401-742-5921
Website: www.GrandEnchantmentTrail.org
Type of hike: section hike
Direction of travel: westbound
Start date: mid-September '07
Length of hike: 1 month +
------------------------- MESSAGE -------------------------

Thru-lopping season is here again. A "thru-lop" is a traditional long distance hike with a bit of judicious trail maintenance thrown in, loppers on the pack and at the ready. Other goals include guidebook reconnaissance, as well as exploration of several substantial new route options, all in preparation for what I hope and expect will be a "best yet" GET experience for spring 2008 hikers. If anyone would like to join the cause for a stint or two, I'll be able to check for messages generally once a week and can provide a more detailed itinerary.


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