[Cdt-l] DeLorme or not DeLorme

Garret Christensen garretchristensen at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 3 02:50:32 CDT 2008

I felt pretty strongly that the NM DeLorme was worthless. 1 inch =4.7 miles, and the FS and BLM roads/trails aren't labeled.  In the CO book, it's 1 inch=2.5 miles and the good majority of trails and roads are labeled.  (I used the CO and MT DeLorme's all the time.)  Everything I heard seemed to echo those general sentiments.  I'd be interested to know if Benchmark's NM book is any better.

the Onion

>I'm wondering if the DeLorme Atlas for NM is generally considered a good source of information for those hikers wanting the "big >picture" of the trail? Thanks--lynne whelden

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