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Thomas Hogeboom thogeboom at fairpoint.net
Sun Apr 6 06:20:30 CDT 2008

Hi, I thought I would relay my Lima experience from 2006.  I carried two
quarters for the phone call to the Strangs and unfortunately no one picked
up the phone and I got dumped into the motel's answering machine.  My last
two quarters gone, I didn't really know what to do.  I tried to hitch, but
no one picked me up.  I gave up on that, went back to the pay phone and
billed the call to my home phone.  I got thru and waited for my ride (while
I was waiting an older gentlemen came by and gave me ice water and an ice
cold beer!).


One of the Strang's employees, a guy named Russ, picked me up.  He said he
was a former Marine who had done 15 tours in Vietnam and had been a POW.
(He also said a couple had come through Lima from the Arctic Circle,
averaging 130 mi/day).  Oh, so they were biking? I asked.  "No, they
walked," Russ replied.  Whatever.


Anyway, the stay in Lima was great, and I recommend that you take in Peat's
Cook your own steak place, as long as you're not a vegetarian.  Mike Strang,
who seemed like a great guy, gave me a ride back to the trail.  The "trail"
east of Lima was rather sketchy in places.  I got seriously lost once and
was reduced to following a stream downhill to some Forest Service roads.  


The best advice I can give you is avoid hiking thru this part of the CDT in
July.  The flies were absolutely killer, I've never seen anything like it.
I'm talking many different species of biting flies, deer flies, horse flies,
etc. in clouds.  Biblical plagues.


I hope this helps.


Tim Hogeboom  

(The Hog)


AT '84  LT '94  CDT (MT/ID) 1998-2006  

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