[Cdt-l] Cdt-l Digest, Vol 7, Issue 6

Mark Dixon mkdixon1 at excite.com
Sun Apr 6 18:16:53 CDT 2008

Adam - Last year going north we walked past Chief Joseph Pass and picked up the Ne-me-poo trail (Cheif Josephs trail) near Gibbons Pass down to Lost Trail Hot Springs Resort. The trail doesn't show on Jonathons maps, but shows up on FS maps. The trail junction is well marked. 

We sent boxes to Lost Trail Hot Springs resort, but I don't recommend going there. The owner doesn't seem to like friendly visitors with money to spend, at least not ones with backpacks. The food was terrible. They had beer and a place to camp. The hot springs were just lukewarm.

The next day we made our way to Sula to try and figure out a way to get by the fires. The woman who owns the Sula store was really nice and was very helpful to other hikers. They have camping, cabins, store and small restaurant. She gave rides back to the trail etc. I think the hitch down to Sula is easy, lots of traffic on the highway going north. Skygod made it to Darby in no time.

The Sula store seems to have everything a hiker needs and nothing more. You might be able to resupply there without sending a box depending on how far you're going. We went to Butte, so I was glad to have sent a box.


Any opinions on the Sula hitch off of Chief Joseph orLost Trail Pass?  What all is there in Sula?  Anyonehammered out mailing packages to any of the businessesthere?Thanks,Adam   

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