[Cdt-l] Sula and Lima

Garret Christensen garretchristensen at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 6 21:39:57 CDT 2008

I went past Sula all the way into Darby.  Yogi's book has the info on how to send stuff to the Sula resort, I think.  An early nobo or regular sobo might get in at the same time as the Logger Days festival, which you might either love for the fun or hate for the closing of lots of local businesses.  3rd week of July, I'm guessing.  For me, the hitch back out to the pass was one of the longest waits on the trail (along with Dubois and Lander).

Lima: I lucked out and caught a very quick ride hitching on the interstate.  The ride back shouldn't be a problem thanks to the Srangs.   I usually just buy food in stores along the way, but I found it difficult to find enough variety from the gas station in Lima to get me all the way to Darby (but this is because I wanted to go all the way to Darby without resupplying in Leadore).

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