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Josh and Laura Ryan joshandlauraryan at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 15 11:38:06 CDT 2008

Howdy folks,
I guess it's that time of year again for hiking season to start, and I thought that you'd all be interested to know that the supermarket in Chama NM is closed.  We had so much snow this winter that the roof collapsed, so they demolished it and are currently in the process of rebuilding it, but it doesn't seem like it will get done before August or September.  The dollar store downtown sells some food, so it's definitely an option if you're desperate, but if you can, I would recommend sending a mail drop.  Alternatively, Leprechaun and I live in the area, and I have a photography studio downtown, so if you need to, we can take you up to Pagosa Springs to get groceries or whatever supplies you need.  And, if you need a place to crash, there's a full bathroom and some space to crash out in the back of my studio on main street, so you'd be plenty close to all the stuff you would need to get to.  Feel free to call us when you get to Chama, if for no other reason to say hello,
 we're always happy to see fellow hikers in town.  Our phone numbers are 575-209-0019 and 575-209-0969.  If you're already in town, please feel free to drop in; the name of my studio is Laura Ryan Photographic, it's next to the video store and across the street from the pharmacy.  Good luck to all this year.
Best, Leprechaun and Laura

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