[Cdt-l] Colorado section

Melanie Simmerman jennylind50 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 16 18:00:04 CDT 2008

I'm planning another section hike for this summer.
Leaving from where I left off last year at Spring
Creek Pass and heading south. I'll probably go at
least to Cumbres Pass. There's a possibility that I'll
push a bit further over the NM border to Hwy 64. Not
sure where the trail crosses and how far a hitch it is
from there to Chama.

I'm trying to figure out several things. One is just
how to fly: round trip to one city or one way in and
out of two different places. I'm pretty far from
Denver now, so I'm not sure it makes sense to fly home
from there. Or fly to Denver, shuttle to Sp Ck Pass.
Hike on. Fly out of either Santa Fe or

Also, is it a good hitch from Cumbres Pass? Anyone
remember the crossing at Hwy 64 which is about 38
miles further on?

I could hitch to Chama or back to some place in
Colorado. I guess there is no public transportation
out of Chama? Any ideas?

Any thoughts are appreciated,


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