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Jim and I generally resupply as we go, using as few maildrops as possible.  This limits our options in terms of stove use.  If you are going to use a canister stove on the CDT, you have to do maildrops because you won't find the canisters very often along the way.  There are not a lot of outdoor stores, though there are a few good ones (Silver City, Creede, Grand Lake, and Lander). On the CDT we used a Whisperlight International the first time (unleaded gasoline was available everywhere) and an alcohol stove the second time through. There are a lot of auto parts stores or hardware stores on the trail, so denatured alcohol/gas line dryer was widely available.  My preference is alcohol because of the weight savings - and yes, you can feed two people with an alcohol stove.  We don't simmer, just boil, but I understand there are attachments you can buy/make if you really need that function.  
However, we have found that on some trails alcohol really isn't available as often as we needed i.e. the GET (and probably the Arizona Trail) and the GDT.  For those trails I recommend a Whisperlight - unless you're willing to go through the hassle of ground shipping fuel canisters to yourself along the way.
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