[Cdt-l] CDT markers north of Lordsburg

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Mon Apr 28 11:07:35 CDT 2008


I recently drove from Lordsburg to Silver City on Highway 90.  There are CDT markers now where the trail leaves the highway just north of Lordsburg.  This is the part of trail that goes from  highway 90 into Engineer Canyon.  Although there is no sign on the road itself, there are some pink ribbons tied to the barb wire fence and a CDT marker about 5 feet from the barb wire fence.  I did not hike that part yet but I did see at least one other marker off in the distance.  The trail head is right at the mileage sign after you head northeast on highway 90.  The sign says 

Silver City 41
Cliff 58

The Trailhead is at:

N32 29.570 W108 28.807  (Nad 27 Conus)

for those of you who are GPS users.

Secondly, the campground on highway 90 where the CDT goes north to Jacks Peak now has a sign on the road from both directions that says

Continental Divide Trail


John Allen

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