[Cdt-l] Water info in Crazy Cook area

rubacava at charter.net rubacava at charter.net
Wed Apr 30 12:05:02 CDT 2008


I did a little reconnaissance visit to the area north of Crazy Cook monument.  Here is a the info on some of the water sources between Sheridan Canyon windmill and the tank and windmill at highway 81.  The list is in order north bound from Thompson Canyon Windmill.

Thompson Canyon Windmill (source 4 in the Spriteagle list)   Dry 

Windmill north of Thompson Canyon Windmill (source 5 in the Spriteagle list) Dry

Tire tank (source 6 in the Spriteagle list)   Dry

Cattle Tank (source 7  iin the Spriteagle list)  Dry

Windmill and tank at highway 81 (source 8 in the Spriteagle list)  Plenty of water

I think if you are going to hike this area, you might consider caching some water.  If there is water in the Sheridan Canyon Windmill, then you will have a 15.5 mile trek with no water.  It's doable but a water cache would cut down a bit on the weight.

John Allen

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