[Cdt-l] SW spring '08 fire outlook ...

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 30 21:51:35 CDT 2008

.... doesn't bode especially well for getting through New Mexico without 
forest closures to contend with.

Despite the wettish winter in parts of the Southwest, fire season is 
already upon us, with recent blazes in the Manzano Mountains, as well as 
the Coronado and Kaibab forests in Arizona. Barring any beneficial 
precipitation, the Cibola National Forest, Mountainair Ranger District 
(NM) will be closed to public entry in the coming weeks. The Lincoln 
National Forest in NM will apparently be closing as well. I wouldn't be 
surprised to see the same for Mount Taylor, although I'd imagine the 
Gila would probably remain open when northbounders are passing thru.

As a side note, the Middle Fork of the Gila seemed to endure the big 
monsoon flood of summer 2006, and the trail along the river stayed 
intact. I don't think this winter brought anything quite that severe, 
and the headwaters probably saw more snow than rain at that time of 
year, so the risk of flash flooding would have been less. But... haven't 
been there in a year, so can't say for sure.

- blisterfree

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